October 17, 6:30 p.m. ET
Eye of a storm: an aesthetic practice of turbulence

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Boundary Monuments Dissolve

04–01–23 to 05-08-23
Artists: Basel Abbas and Ruanne Abou-Rahme, Jia-Jen Lin, Christopher Meerdo, Naomi Nakazato, and Amina Ross.

Boundary Monuments Dissolve features artists who employ digital-imaging techniques to unearth aesthetic and political turbulence within contested terrains.

Curated by Katherine C. M. Adams

In the Sunroom of Wave Hill, Ross’s multisensory environment comprises elements out of reclaimed materials in dialogue with the architecture of the space, markedly, the arched windows, along with video and audio.  

split my sides 

04–09–22 to 07-16-22
split my sides featured works by Lola Ayisha Ogbara and Amina Ross as they consider the spatial relationship between place and interiority. 

Seemingly natural and stable, space is imagined, then produced to determine how, when, and where we move. Spatio-temporal hierarchies are built (and protected) to threaten, constrict, and erase. For those of us who are Black, queer, trans, and/or women, our experiences and struggles are intimately connected to the spaces in which we live, "Indeed, black matters are spatial matters."

Curated by Stephanie Koch  

When the water comes to light out of the well of my self, is part of their ongoing inquiry into the mechanical and conceptual intersections of objects and the containers that give them meaning. Ross is specifically experimenting with how objects ranging from fluid to wavelengths to textiles to bodyforms come into contact with their containers—namely, time, space, and scale—in order to understand where these points of contact might be (re)shaped.

Using a variety of digital and material handcrafting techniques, Ross hones in on these points of contact as deeply expansive sites where we might refigure basic networks of interaction in ways that might prompt other, perhaps more radical, ways of seeing, engaging, and feeling.

Curated by Kemi Adeyemi
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Solo Exhibition, Sculpture, Video Installation